Drums of Success: 10 Steps to Turning Your Creative Potential into Success

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ISBN: 9781457533921
224 pages

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Many people have the potential to be creative, yet due to the pressures of life and just making a living, stifle their dreams in an effort to survive. Drums of Success provides a clear strategy to tap your creative potential and turn it into success and fulfillment in your life.


About Assumpta Happy Umwagarwa

With a Master’s degree in Management from the University of Greenwich, London; she has been, for more than a decade, a Human Resources Strategist in different roles and capacities, for different private and public organizations. Her job involves advising organizations on how to tap into the talents of their employees and, on the other hand, providing guidance and counseling to individuals on their career success.



He started with dust and eye pencils, took a photo of our late father and made his portrait. “Oh, that’s Canisius! Oh my God.” That was my mother, nearly about to faint after seeing a big portrait of her late husband in her living room. I loved to know that Strong had a talent and enjoyed exploring his artwork until the day we had to have a family meeting to convince him to go to college. How did he dare to say that he did not want to go to college? He was going to be a coward. Oh! I was so afraid that my mother would have a heart attack to hear that.


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